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pusat institusiFrom Business to the Arts, Languages to Science & Technology, pursue your career with us at UPSI. We offer over 100 undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, and special degree programs throughout the university. Browse the links below for a quick snapshot of our Centres and Institutes, and then access their respective websites for more detailed information.



Institute of Graduate Studies

The Centre for Graduate Studies at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI), formerly known as the Postgraduate Unit, was established along with the formation of UPSI in 1997. In year 2000 the Postgraduate Unit was upgraded into Centre for Graduate Studies. In the year 2005 it was upgraded into Institute of Graduate Studies since 1st October 2005 to enhance the functions and fulfilling the need to expand Graduate Programmes. The Institute offer programmes at Master and Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D) levels.

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Institute of Malay Civilization

The Institute of Malay Civilization was established on 12 June 2001. Its objective is to collect, manage and generate knowledge relating to the Malay Cilivization. The institute is setting up a Malay collection for the purpose of accumulating information and knowledge on Malay Cilvilization. The collection on Malay Civilization is now placed at the Tuanku Bainun Library UPSI.

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University Press

The University Publication Centre began on 1 November 2001. Its function is to publish works in Malay and in English and to increase up to date reference materials for all levels of society. The centre also publishes results from research work by the university staff in the form of academic texts and journals.

In addition the centre also organizes writing workshops and translation courses for those interested. This opens opportunities for the academic staff to disseminate their knowledge in their respective areas and so helps to generate the writing culture among the university community.

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Health Centre

Pusat Kesihatan ini bertanggungjawab untuk memberikan kemudahan perubatan dan rawatan kesihatan yang optima kepada para pelajar Universiti. Pusat Kesihatan diterajui oleh Pegawai Perubatan UD48 serta di bantu oleh seorang Pegawai Perubatan UD47, seorang Pegawai Perubatan UD43 dan kakitangan paramedic serta staf kumpulan sokongan.

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Islamic Centre

The Islamic Centre was established with the aim of planning and organizing religious activities and programs towards uplifting the understanding and the practice of Islam. To achieve the objective, various activites are organized, amongst which are activities to commemorate important Islamic events, seminars, courses, workshops, forums, academic discussions and other religious activities which are held throughout the year. It is the hope of the centre that universal ethnic values are observed by all members of the staff and students so as to promote a healthy campus society.

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Centre of Cocuriculum

The curriculum centre aims at balancing between academic excellence and non academic activities so as to produce well balanced individuals intellectually, emotionally and physically. The co-curriculum activities are the agents for the development of ‘human skills’. Students are given exposures in leadership, management, organizing, self development, communication and decision making skills.

Consistent with the objective of the university, the curricular activities balance up the academic with the non academic exercises. The curriculum centre has so far (year?) organized 75 courses involving 4,500 students with the support of 65 teachers and 104 trainers

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Teaching Practice and Industrial Training Centre (PULAMI)

Teaching Practice and Industrial Training Centre (PULAMI) have started operation since year 1997 and in October 2008 this unit have been placed under Academik Development and Quality Division management.

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Research Management Innovation Centre (RMIC)

The Research Management Innovation Centre (RMIC) manages the development and the commercialization of research results so as to keep every area of research of the university on the move. The aim is to ensure that the university community is ever on the move and is able to contribute to society. The centre serves as Secretariat to the university research committee which maintains all research results to serve as academic materials or commercialized for the benefits of society.

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National Child Development & Research Centre (NCDRC)

The National Children Development and Research Centre (NCDRC) was established in the university as a national reference centre to carry out research associated with the growth and development of children, coordinating the issues or matters relating to children in Malaysia in all aspects. NCDRC is also responsible for creating a data base for children in Malaysia with the cooperation of government, private sector and the NGOs focusing on health care, welfare, nutrition, legislations, safety and early childhood research.

As a national reference centre, NCDRC assists the government in the revision of existing legislations and the drafting of new ones relating to the care, welfare and education of early childhood. NCDRC also assists in the planning and implementation of educational, parenting and training programs for the care and education of children. The centre is entrusted with the task of monitoring the implementation program of the National Care Centre for Early Childhood under the Prime Minister’s Department which is being introduced in all other parts of the country.

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Sports Centre

The sports centre is equipped with gymnasium facilities and serves as a centre for coordinating all sports programs in the university. It also provides coaching services to assist the growth and development of sports in the university. The sports programs provided at the centre are not only aimed at nurturing the inborn skills amongst the students for national and international competitions, but are also aimed at character building in terms of confidence in meeting challenges. The sports activities have succeeded in bringing about closer relations between the university and the community for self enriching and a broader life experience for the students.

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Information & Communication Technology (ICT) Centre

The ICT Centre was established on 11 June 2001 as a centre of excellence. It is responsible for the planning, organizing and the management of complete ICT services to support the teaching and learning (T&L), research, administration, and management. Among the main services of the centre are the management of network services, the development of integrated information system, making available computer equipment and notebooks, maintenance and recovery services and the management of ICT training.

The ICT Centre’s role is the development and expansion of ICT at UPSI so as to be at par with the more established Institutes of Higher Learning, consistent with the vision to turn UPSI into an electronic university by making available the up-to-date ICT infrastructure and facilities besides maximizing ICT capability and turning its usage into a university culture.

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Centre of Education Technology & Multimedia

The Education Technology and Multimedia centre was established in 1997. It offers media and support services to the teaching and learning process. The centre provides the teleconference technology services for the university community with the aim of promoting discussion in teaching and learning. The lecture rooms and halls are equipped with the multimedia technology to assist the academic staff in using teleconference in learning appropriate with the teaching aims and objectives.

In addition, ETMC also provides rental services of the media equipment to the academic and supporting staff, organizes video coverage and still digital photography services in any university functions, provides the facilities for micro teaching, multimedia facilities, graphic computer, and teleconferencing technology for seminars, discussions, conferences, workshops, training and exhibitions organized by the university. ETMC also provides maintenance and recovery services for instructional technology equipment, provides advisory services in the selection and the purchase of teleconferencing technology equipment with the aim of making the use of e-learning a complement to the teaching and learning process in an institute of higher learning.

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Internal Audit Unit

The Internal Audit Unit (IAU) is administratively placed under the Vice Chancellor, however, it functions under the Audit Committee of the University. The Audit Committee is made up of three members and a secretary (Internal auditor).

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Pusat Program Luar (PLL)

Pusat Program Luar (PPL) manages special programme with Malaysian Education Ministry (KPM) through Program Pensiswazahan Baru (Mode PJJ) start 1st of April 2011. In the beginning PPL put under Faculty of Education and Human Development. This programme was transferred and fully operated by Pusat Program Luar (PPL).

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Centre of Entrepreneurship Development & Consumerism Affairs

Centre of Entrepreneurship Development and Consumerism Affairs, Universiti Pendidikan Sultan idris was restructured and was being launched on 1st March 2011 under the Chancellory. The history of the centre started with the approval of its formation on 4th August 2010 at that time under Faculty of Management and Economics. Its main function is to conduct entrepreneurship programmes at the university level so that the students may partipate actively in the entrepreneurship fields.

UPSI Entreprenuership has been supported by University Higher Management Significanly consistent with the government's desire to succeed in this field.

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Wellness Centre

The formation of wellness Centre started from The Counselling Clinic located at the Sultan Abdul Jalil Shah Campus. Its formation is viewed as an alternative support system for the students to get counselling advice and support services from the lecturers of Psychology and Counselling Department, Faculty of Cognitive Science and Human Development. It is formed in line to the needs of the increasing number of students at the year 2003 in which the value reached about 10,000 people.

The Development of Counselling Clinic is modified based on the Centre of Counselling in Western Michigan University, USA as its model, in which covered its type and room structure, furniture and electronic tools. It is done only after a working visit that has been conducted by Puan Nazariah Abdul Samad who went to the Centre in USA on 18th October 2002 to 1st November 2002.

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Education Research Laboratory

UERL is an entity established to facilitate cooperative and collaborative research activities, afford effective education-related knowledge transfer between academia and schools and create novel approaches and strategies with an impact on national and international education development.

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